Organizing your life, one room at a time.
My LA Organizer


My philosophy about getting and staying organized: : Its simple - Create a "home" for everything; and when you cannot create a home for everything, you must edit.

Make a rule: When one new thing enters the house, another item leaves. If you can't stick with this rule, and I understand it is not easy, then I suggest you make periodic sweeps and take at least a small bag to your favorite charity 4 times a year.

Edit your clothing each season. Give yourself a deadline --- If you don't love it, out it goes. If the color is not complimentary, say goodbye. It helps to enlist a friend for this process. Leave yourself 2 outfits for home projects and getting dirty. Toss the rest out.

If you're saving clothes until you lose that weight, let me give you a hint....When you lose that weight you're not going to want to wear those clothes. They are most likely from a season or 2 ago, maybe even more, and they're not going to make you feel like the NEW YOU when you can fit into them. Save a couple pieces to mark your progress, but donate the rest.

Are you thinking...But those clothes represent my goal!!! Guess what, they don't!!! Your goal is in your mind. Your all powerful mind. Make the decision to lose the weight, and it will happen. Believe!!!

Apply the same rules for everything else in your house! If you haven't used it in 2 years, ask yourself: is keeping it worth more than the space I will gain by giving it away? Giving things away can be very powerful. I affirm that I am making more room for New and Better!

Are your pantry and fridge overflowing to the hilt? Don't be lured by sales and special offers to clutter up your cupboards! The pennies you gain cost much more in the loss of space.

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO TO DE-CLUTTER! Set aside time for de-cluttering! Each season. De-cluttering is a way of life, not a one-time project. I find I need to do it 4 times a year in order to keep the energy free flowing in my tiny space.

Purge books not used as reference.

If you're not planning to reread that book in the next 6 months, let it go!!! It's a Book! Trust that if you decide that you need that book in the future, you will have the means to get it.

Use the library! Or give the book to a friend when you're finished.

Don't bribe your kids with gifts. And don't allow them to purchase something EVERY time you walk into a store with them. Not only are you contributing to the clutter in your home, but also think about the messages you're sending to your child.

Work room by room and evaluate each object. Do you love it? Are you using it? Does it hold memories? Are you keeping it "just in case?" Don't! - I can't stress this enough....Trust!!!! Don't hold on to it if you're not using it just because you think one day you will!

Make stock of memorabilia and sentimental items. Is your house full of them? Do they cover the walls and tabletops? Consider that you might be stuck in the past, and giving these items away may unblock you from living in the present.

Organize your memorabilia and sentimental items. If you respect them enough to hold on to them, then treat them with respect. Go through you children's old artwork, decide what's most special, and let go of the rest. Organize it chronologically. Make a box with a grouping of years!

Overwhelmed? Hire me to do all this for you!