Organizing your life, one room at a time.
My LA Organizer


Divide and Conquer!! Make piles. What goes, what stays, what's trash!

I also like to look at Organizing as another opportunity to get some exercise. This way I feel like I'm getting even more benefit out of the process. Put on your favorite music, or an inspirational, motivational CD.

When I'm cleaning out my own closets, I affirm, "I'm cleaning out the closets of my mind." I'm letting go of old thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that no longer serve me. I affirm I'm letting go of everything that is holding me back from my greatest good!

Giving your things to a charitable organization, to a neighbor or a friend can also make the experience especially rewarding.

If a Professional Organizer is not in your budget, hire one for a couple of hours to get you started. Have them devise a plan for you to continue on your own.


Start in your Bathroom. It won't take long, and it will make you feel oh sooo good!

Ladies, you know those gift baskets of soaps and bath bubbles? Use them; Get them off your counters and out of your drawers. What are you saving them for? Treat yourself!!!

Throw away your old make-up and hair products that you bought, but now hate. Clear it all out, make room for new stuff, or ......his stuff!

Put all of your toiletries and make-up in categories. I like to use clear drawer dividers, little baskets, or small boxes. Label them if you like. Face all of the labels forward and HAVE FUN!


Organizing generally takes less time than we think. Getting Started is the hardest part. We tend to look at our disorder and chaos and feel too overwhelmed to start. I find that in many cases those feelings are often because on some level we have some kind of emotional attachment to all of that "Stuff." It can be as simple as a memory of the purchase, the person who gave it to you, or the state of mind you were in when you bought that "thing." We can even be ready to let it all go, but the History and the feelings of it all are what's so Overwhelming.

Some say that leaving a list or task undone actually takes up units in our Brain. For me, I find this to be true, as that "Project" gnaws at me from the back of my mind until I tend to it, and get it off my list!

Organizing on your own or with an Organizer doesn't have to be a chore. I'm all about making the process fun. When we stay focused on the goal or end result we tend to be more upbeat. Just great that room will look, or how you can finally be free to "create" in your newly organized creative space.